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CMD CAN Flasher V1251 Free Shipping


This CMD CAN Flasher V1251 read and write flash memory via the diagnostic connector on the CAN line of computers with motor MED9.1, MED9.5, EDC16U3x/CP, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3 and EDC16C9 fuel injection. Working through CAN, not on K line.


NEC EEPROM Programmer Free Shipping


NEC EEPROM Programmer is COM connector and support USB connector as well. Its mileage correction reset your the mileage by directly input the data. It works on CPUs use NEC board, support user self-update.




Filter the km synchronization command between the cluster and the EZS module . This is the only way for the correction... 


SPI 28 SPI 028 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer Free Shipping


The memory for SPI 28 software and data is implemented as a programmable component into ECUs for a long time now. Ever since these components are erasable even as an assembled part of the ECU more and more vehicle manufacturers chose to provide the possibility to re-load/replace the software and data contents of the respective control unit in addition to the analysis and error detection mechanisms.


DigiProg OBD ECU-Flasher Free Shipping


This device is intended for computers on the cars flashing by OBDII connector or directly connecting to the ECU the car.

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