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Новости arrow Новости arrow LED Voltage ammeter 2596 DC-DC Step Down CC-CV Adjust Power solar Charge module

LED Voltage ammeter 2596 DC-DC Step Down CC-CV Adjust Power solar Charge module

2596.JPG Features : 0.36"Voltmeter Ammeter Led Digital Tube, Voltmeter Resolution 0.1 V, Ammeter Resolution 0.01 A, With Green And Red Led Digital Tube Non-Isolated Step-Down Constant Current, Constant Voltage Module (Cc Cv) Charging Module Input Voltage: 7v-26v Output Voltage: Continuously Adjustable (1.25v-25v) Minimum Voltage Difference: 2v Output Current: Rated 2.5a, The Largest 2.5a (More Than 15w, Please Install The Heat Sink) Constant Current Range :0-2.5a (Adjustable) Size: Ultra-Small Size 49 (W) X 68 (L) X 17 (H) Mm (Without Potentiometer) Output Power: Natural Cooling 15w, 25w With Heatsink Conversion Efficiency: Up To 92% (Output Voltage Higher, Higher The Efficiency) Output Ripple: 20m Bandwidth (For Reference Only) Input 12v Output 5v 2.5a 60mv (Max) Operating Temperature: Industrial Grade (-40 ℃ To +85 ℃) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, lower power use, or add one heatsink) Full Load Temperature Rise: 45 °C No-Load Current: Typical 10ma (12v Switch To 4.2v) Load Regulation: ± 1% Voltage Regulation: ± 0.5% Dynamic Response Speed: 5% 200us Potentiometer Adjustment Direction: Clockwise (Increase), Counterclockwise (Decrease) Indicator:Yellow Led Constant Current, Red Led Work,Fully Charged Of Green Led Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes, Constant Current (Constant Current Value Of The Current Settings) Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No, Please Comply With Our Plate Or In The Input Reverse Polarity Protection Diode In Series.
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