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The SP200S programmer is in the SP180S programmer foundation which welcome improves the design a model of programmer, uses USB directly the connection communication and supplies power, the volume is exquisite, the software and the hardware design is mature, the function is perfect. May support ATMEL/WINBOND/SST Corporation commonly used MCS51 series monolithic integrated circuit, supports company 24, 93 series serial storages and so on ATMEL/MICROCHIP/SST. Strengthens the version also to have the standard ISP downloading connection, may support ATMEL Corporation MCS51 series and AVR series monolithic integrated circuit online downloading programs (ISP). Not only the SP200S programmer may satisfy the monolithic integrated circuit amateur and the development personnel studies and develops 51, AVR monolithic integrated circuit use demand, also the very suitable electrical appliances servicemen fever to write the 93x series, 24x the series EEPROM demandsp200s.jpg